Project: Just Get Through

Release: 31st Oct 2014
Genre: Platformer
Platform: Windows
Price: $4.99

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Just Get Through is the first commercial game by the german one-man game studio Retrific. This randomly generated platformer features upgrades, explosions, traps, precise walljumping and much more. You play as a dude trapped somewhere in a jungle-like environment. You try to escape but there is no exit - only those portals. And everytime you jump through one of them, you just land in another dungeon with even more traps.

Use your skill and your explosives to get through an infinite amount of levels and to reach the first place in the global online highscore. Or play user-created custom levels, that were created in the powerful sandbox mode.

Edit: With Update 1.2.0 of Just Get Through the game got even bigger! JGT now has a variety of gamemodes and a daily run with steam leaderboards. For more information check the steam store page of Just Get Through.

Just Get Through!

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