•••NEWS••• 5th Nov - Just Get Through just hit steam greenlight! Please vote: green.retrific.net •••NEWS••• 31th Oct - Just Get Through was released! Get it now! •••NEWS••• 20th Oct - retrific.net got an update •••NEWS••• 18th Oct - retrific.net is back online! •••NEWS••• 31th Jule - Cosmic Combat Update (Bugfixes only) •••NEWS•••

Retrific is a german one-man game studio.

My name is Jonathan Mannshoven.
I am 17 years old and my dream is to make indie games for a living.
With my game studio 'Retrific' I am making this dream come true. Please take a look at my games.

Watch live video from Retrific on www.twitch.tv

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